Why You Shouldn’t Just Plead Guilty

If you have a ticket, and you decide to plead guilty and pay it off, you may be in for a shock.  Say you get a speeding ticket for driving 75 miles per hour in a 60 mile per hour speed limit zone. You decide to pay the ticket off rather than appearing in court.  You think that you are saving time and frustration by just paying it off.  Not long thereafter, you are shocked when you receive a letter from the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles that says that your license has been suspended.  How are you supposed to get to work, take your kids to school, or go shopping?  All of this might have been avoided simply by hiring a lawyer to go to court for you.  Sure, you would have to pay legal fees, but you would probably keep your license, and your stress would be significantly reduced.  This will be worth the legal fees for most people, since it keeps them out of trouble.

This is just one example of why you don’t want to simply pay a ticket off.  There are numerous traps in the law that will cause you to lose your license.  You don’t want to run into these traps.  A traffic lawyer can help you avoid them.  We would be honored if you would choose our firm to represent your interests in court.  We handle tickets in Mecklenburg County all the time, so we are ready to help you cheap generic cialis.  Whatever your charge is, whether it is a simple speeding ticket on its own, or if it is one coupled with another ticket, like reckless driving or driving while license revoked, we are here to reduce your stress, and get your ticket resolved.  We strive to provide the best service for clients, and want to earn your trust for future cases.

Best Decisions for Traffic Tickets

If you have a traffic ticket, you need to make sure you make the best decision about how to deal with it.  That is why we mention that people can opt to represent themselves for some traffic tickets.  That may be the best decision for some traffic tickets and some people.  However, hiring a lawyer may be the best decision for other traffic tickets and other people.

So what is the best decision for you?  One of the main factors for many people is time.  Paying a lawyer a fee to go to court on their behalf to save their time and trouble is well worth it for some people.  They don’t have to worry about taking time off of work, driving uptown, finding parking, and spending time in the courthouse.  For many people, having the convenience of an attorney is well worth the cost.

For others, it is the seriousness of the ticket that compels them to firm an attorney.  If they have a reckless driving ticket, or they have had prior speeding thickets, they want to hire someone to resolve the ticket on their behalf.  An attorney can work to negotiate the best solution that will have the least impact on your insurance and your license.

Finally, others simply are nervous about appearing by themselves in court.  The Assistant District Attorneys are very helpful and nice, so there is no reason to be nervous.  Even if you have a very bad traffic ticket, they are very professional.  But if still do not want to go to court, we will be glad to help you by going on your behalf.

At the end of the day, only you can make the best decision about your traffic ticket.  If you choose to hire an attorney, we would be honored if you would choose us to represent your interests in court.

Passing a Stopped School Bus

A ticket for passing a stopped school bus is one of the most serious traffic tickets in North Carolina.  If you are convicted, you would get 4 insurance points, and 5 drivers license points, as well as a fine and a tarnished driving record.  You insurance rates could increase by up to 80%.  The penalties are so intense because the legislature has an interest in protecting children, and passing a stopped school bus is admittedly a very dangerous action that could result in death or serious injury to children.  Some people don’t realize the full extent of the law.  It does not only apply to vehicles stopped behind a school bus.  It also applies to oncoming traffic that is facing the school bus.  The only exception to this is when the highway is divided by a median.  When this happens, oncoming traffic does not have to stop, but traffic traveling the same direction as the bus does have to stop.

Stopping school buses can cause traffic delays as it can take a while for children to disembark from a bus.  However, given that children often don’t really pay attention to what they are doing or where they are, this special law is in place to protect them from getting hit by cars.  So when you are driving, you must be especially careful when the stop sign on the side of the bus swings out, and the lights flash as it pulls to a stop.  If you are caught for passing a stopped school bus, the officer isn’t just going to let you off with a warning.  It is a serious safety concern.  Sometimes, the district attorneys are unable or unwilling to lower the charge, but you don’t know if you don’t take the chance.

If you have never passed a stopped school bus, don’t start now! But if you have a charge that you need help with, give our office a call and we would be glad to help you.

How Speeding Can Cost You

Some people make light of their tendency to speed.  Speeding does not seem like a big deal to them.  They may say that they have a “lead foot” and laugh it off.  Unfortunately, it is unlikely that they will be laughing when they are pulled over.  Tickets cost you in a number of ways.  The first is the fine and the costs of court.  In addition you will face drivers license points.  A habit of speeding can result in you getting many speeding tickets back to back.  This tickets result in drivers license points, which can add up.  Getting too many license points will result in you losing your license.  You may think that you do not have to worry about that; you will choose to drive even if you don’t have a license.  However, this can get you in to serious trouble, because Driving While License Revoked is more serious that most traffic tickets.

Speeding can also effect insurance rates.  As you accumulate more speeding tickets, your rates will go higher and higher. You definitely pay a price to speed.  Your insurance company will use your tickets as an excuse to increase your premiums.  Another aspect of speeding tickets is how they effect your driving record.  When your case is handled by an Assistant District Attorney, he or she will look at your driving record.  Once you ruin a driving record, it may be years before it is clean enough so they would be willing to give you a good reduction.  You have to plan ahead about what your driving record will look like for future tickets.

If you have a speeding ticket, you can try to deal with it yourself, or you can hire an attorney to appear on your behalf.  If you have a habit of going fast, it is only a matter of time before you are caught.  There are plenty of law enforcement officers out there who are ready to pull you over and write you a ticket.  It is better to ease off of the pedal, but if you do get a ticket, give us a call.

Best place to buy generic levitra Moving Over for Police and Other Emergency Vehicles

One law that some people are not aware of is the one that states that you are to change lanes or slow down when passing an emergency vehicle that has its lights flashing.  Failure to do so can result in a traffic ticket.  Even if you do not realize that this is the law, the police will still write you a ticket for it.  This is because law enforcement officers are worried about their safety along with other first responders who are stopped on the side of the road.  Because their personal safety is what is at stake, you are probably not going to be able to talk yourself out of a ticket by saying, “I didn’t know it was against the law.”

The law applies when an emergency vehicle is parked within 12 feet of a roadway, with its emergency lights flashing.  There does not have to be any emergency personnel outside of the vehicle for the law to take effect.  If there are multiple lanes in your direction of travel and you are able to, you are to put on a turning signal and move over so that there is at least one lane between you and the emergency vehicle.  If you are unable to move over, then you are to slow down significantly.  You should err on the side of caution when determining how much you slow down.  There are two reasons for this- the first is so that you keep our first responders safe as they do their jobs.  The second is so that you will avoid being ticketed.

If you have been ticketed for failure to move over, you should consider hiring a traffic ticket lawyer, or appearing in court to negotiate your case.  Even if you did not know that you should move over, you are still going to have to face the consequences of the ticket.

State Examines Driver Education Program

The North Carolina General Assembly’s Program Evaluation Division (PED) recently evaluated the effectiveness of the State’s Driver Education Program, and raised several concerns about how the program is being implemented by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. Among some of the findings published in a report by the PED was that there was insufficient data collected to fully determine the Driver Education Program’s effectiveness, there was a failure to teach the program in the same way over the whole of the state, and there was little oversight of local Driver Education instructors. The icing on the cake is the finding that over the time period from 2007-2013, 46% of all students who were tested for their license failed. This number includes people who retook the test. All of the students who were tested completed a Driver Education Program before the test. So the problem is either with the student or with the program.

Young drivers are, of course, some of the most dangerous on the road, since they lack the experience necessary to have developed good driving skills. However, while not a replacement for experience, Driver Education can provide a base knowledge of driving laws and skills, and can give a young driver the ability to develop his or her skills. So how can the system be fixed? Some will advocate for substantive changes to the driver education program, while others will want to see the Department of Public Instruction provide a unified way of teaching drivers education, such that the standard way of teaching is enforced around the state. Still others want to see more in car teaching, which will give more opportunity for a young driver to get more experience behind the wheel while an adult is watching and giving counsel. Why do we care enough to mention this on our website? Since we represent young people who have traffic tickets, we want to make sure that they get the best training possible.

Most Ticketed Cars On the Road

What are some of the most ticketed cars on the road?  Immediately the mind jumps to powerful sports cars, such as the Dodge Viper, Porsche Carrera, or BMW M5.  However, none of these vehicles make the top ten list put together by Insurance.com.  It isn’t the make of the car that makes it get tickets.  Rather, it is the driver in the car that matters.  The list of vehicles that got the most tickets according to this study, were, in descending order,

1. Subaru WRX
2. Pontiac GTO
3. Scion FR-S
4. Toyota Supra
5. Subaru Tribeca
6. Volkswagen Rabbit
7. Mercury Topaz
8. Scion tC
9. Toyota FJ Cruiser
10. Mazda2

Why are these the most ticketed cars?  After all, many of these are four cylinder cars that are not associated with sporty driving.  One of the theories explaining this phenomena is that these cars are more likely to be owned by younger people who are less mature.  A person who has the money to buy a powerful sports car, like a Dodge Viper, typically is older and more mature.  This is bore out by the data, because one of the least ticketed vehicles was the Dodge Viper.  Another reason that drivers of such cars are rarely ticketed is because they know that their vehicles get attention, and they would certainly be pulled over by the police if they were seen speeding.  Further, because it is easy to speed in these cars, the drivers are more attentive to the speed that they are going than drivers of other types of vehicles.

So it is clear that drivers of any vehicle can be pulled over, whether they are driving a Toyota Supra, or a Maserati.  After you have been ticketed, you may have several options of how to proceed.  Our law firm would be glad to help you with your case, no matter what you drive!

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Work Hard to Catch Speeders

Charlotte Mecklenburg police are busy on the streets, on the lookout for any traffic law violations cialis generic online.  Sometimes they are hiding on the side of the road, but they also park in the median.  While you would think that it would be easy to see them literally parked in the road, this is a hard place to see them as you are driving.  Before you have even realized that they are there, you have gone past them.  You don’t have any time to slow down.  If you are speeding when you go past, you will most likely be ticketed, unless you were only going a little over the speed limit or the police officer is feeling particularly gracious.  Many times you do not even know that police were there until they are behind you with their blue lights flashing.  In just a few seconds, you go from being happy to being very frustrated.

When you are pulled over, you may feel like the police officer is correct in giving you a ticket because you were certainly traveling over the speed limit, or you may fell like you were not going that fast and feel that the ticket was given in error.  However, after you get a traffic ticket, you will probably feel frustrated.  You know that you have a few different options.  The first is to simply pay the ticket off, but you know that this means that you will have to plead guilty to the offense, and bear all of the punishment of fines, insurance points, and drivers license points. You know that you can show up to court to negotiate your case, but you don’t want to take the time off of work to go to court and wait in line.  You know that you can also hire an attorney to go to court and negotiate on your behalf.

When you have an attorney, you can save your time and potentially reduce the penalties that you may be facing.  Our law firm would be glad to help you with your traffic ticket, and help reduce your stress and frustration.

Drug Charges from Traffic Stop

Sometimes when an officer pulls you over for an ordinary traffic stop, you end up with a traffic ticket and drug charges.  Here is how it typically happens.  You are speeding, and an officer turns on his lights and pulls you over.  While you are handing the officer your license and registration, he or she notices something that catches his or her attention.  It could be a smell, like marijuana, or something that they see, like drug paraphernalia in your floorboard.  Before you know it, you are charged with drug possession.  This is an all too common occurrence in Mecklenburg County.  Many times a traffic stop is the way that police catch people for drugs.  Once they get a person’s vehicle stopped, and they are able to observe the defendant and look into his or her car.  They take advantage of this opportunity to see if there is anything else they can charge a person with.

If you have been pulled over for a traffic stop and have been charged with a drug possession crime, you may want to consider hiring a lawyer.  A lawyer can help you take care of your traffic ticket and your drug charges.  There may be an opportunity to take a class and have the drug charge dismissed.  This would probably be best outcome for many people because it would help them avoid a conviction on their record.  Our traffic ticket attorney can also help you with your drug possession charge pop over to these guys.  We would be honored if you would select our firm to help you with your charges.  We work hard on the behalf of our clients to help them get their charges resolved favorably.  If you have any questions about your case, please do not hesitate to give us a call.  We would be glad to answer them.