Traffic Offenses

Traffic citations are some of the most common charges in Charlotte.  Law enforcement officers write hundreds of them everyday throughout Mecklenburg County.  A wide variety of tickets are written including tickets for speeding, no operator’s license, and driving while license revoked.

Other types of tickets are less common.  One of the more infrequent traffic citations is failure to yield to an emergency vehicle.  Some people think that they do not need an attorney for traffic tickets, and sometimes they are right.  On the other hand, most of the time, a traffic lawyer is well worth the legal fees.  A lawyer who understands traffic laws can help you try to avoid the harsher penalties that you may face.  They may do this through pleading the case to a lesser charge, using a prayer for judgment continued, or trying to get the case dismissed.  Another advantage of hiring a traffic attorney is that you will probably never have to go to court.  Even if you have to come, an attorney can make sure that your case is handled quickly so that you have to spend less time in court.  For many people, the convenience factor of having an attorney to go to court on their behalf is well worth the money.

Typical Traffic Tickets

There are several other types of traffic citations.  If you have received some other type of ticket and have questions about it, please feel free to give our law office a call.  We would be glad to discuss your case with you.


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