Traffic Ticket Defenses

There are many potential traffic ticket defenses that may be available in your case.  For instance, there are a couple of different ways that an officer can charge you with speeding.  The first is by estimating your speed.  While officers are experienced in estimating the speed of a car, that is not a guarantee that they are accurate in their determination.  There are many different factors that can effect the accuracy of an officer’s estimation of your speed.  One is the speed of surrounding traffic.  If the cars around you are traveling at a slower speed, by comparison, you can appear to be traveling faster than you are.  Some cars can simply appear to be going faster than they are.  For instance, sports cars often look faster, because they are simply designed to look faster.

Another factor in the accuracy of the estimation is whether the officer was parked or driving when estimating the person’s speed.   If the officer was driving- the question becomes whether he or she was behind the car they were observing, facing it in oncoming traffic, or whether the car was crossing in front of him or her.  When the officer is in motion, it becomes more difficult to measure speed accurately.  Of course, there are other, better ways to measure a person’s speed.

The other way that speed is measured is by radar.  Of course, radar could be a useful objective tool to determine what the person’s speed was without having a person have to estimate a speed.  However, radar is not foolproof and can have its own problems.  One potential issue is whether the radar gun is accurately calibrated.  If a radar gun is not properly calibrated, it will consistently return results that are incorrect.  Another issue to consider is how the officer used the radar gun.  Was he or she stationary when the radar gun was used? Did it give the speed of the correct vehicle?  In Charlotte, where there is often many vehicles traveling close together with multiple lanes, that could be a serious concern.

Another aspect that complicates speeding tickets is whether the person who is driving has an accurate understanding of what their speed is.  For instance, sometimes people with a new car will not realize how quickly it will accelerate, and don’t know how fast they are going when they are driving.  This is a common problem for people who are used to driving a larger vehicle and get a smaller one that accelerates quickly.  Another problem is changing tires on a vehicle.  If you replace tires on your vehicle and they are not the same diameter as the ones you are replacing, then your speedometer will not accurately display your current speed.  This effect can be significant effect to have a dramatic effect on speedometer accuracy.  Another issue that can cause problems is simple speedometer inaccuracy.  Over time, your speedometer may need to be calibrated.  If it is not calibrated, then it will not be as accurate, and you will not truly know how fast you are traveling.

As you can see, there are a number of variables that can effect your speeding ticket.  The speeding ticket is a good one to show that different types of challenges that can be made for your traffic ticket.  When we go to talk with the Assistant District Attorney, we can bring up some of the weaknesses in the case against you to help get a better result.  If a case is fairly weak, they will often work with a traffic attorney to reach a negotiated outcome.  On your ticket, the officer can make notes about how the stop occurred.  This typically is a very quick statement about the traffic stop.  Lets face it, police officers don’t have time to make detailed notes about each and every traffic stop.  When an officer writes a traffic ticket, he or she will probably forget what happened fairly quickly.  As many traffic stops as police officers make, they all begin to run together.  It would probably be hard for an officer to honestly testify that they remember much about every traffic stop.  Therefore, Assistant District Attorneys often want to get traffic tickets dealt with as quickly and easily as possible.  This helps us as traffic ticket attorneys negotiate resolutions that are favorable for our clients.

At the same time, not all traffic tickets are as easy to defend.  Lets face it, sometime a police officer clearly catches you in the act and has good evidence to prove it.  However, even if you clearly were speeding far in excess of the speed limit, there can still be help for your case.  Since the Assistant District Attorneys don’t have the time to fully prosecute and try every single traffic ticket in Mecklenburg County, they are often willing to offer some kind of resolution that would help your case.

If you have any questions about your potential traffic ticket defenses, don’t hesitate to contact our Charlotte traffic ticket lawyer.  We would be glad to help you get your ticket resolved.  We will work hard and give our best efforts to help you get this traffic ticket behind you so that you can move on with your life.  Our law firm wants to keep your traffic ticket simple- let us worry about it so you don’t have to.  Remember, this is what we do for a living.


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