Police officer Traffic TicketDon’t Wait. Time is Critical.  If you are thinking of waiting to deal with a traffic ticket, don’t do it.

If you put off dealing with the ticket, it will not go away.  Instead, it may become worse.  Failing to show up to court will get your file marked as “Called and Failed.”  When this happens, you have 20 days to appear and get your case added on the docket to be heard again.  If you do not do this, then the clerk will mark your file with a “Failure to Appear.”  At this point, a $200 late fee will be added to the costs of court and any fine you may receive. In addition, the clerk will notify the Division of Motor Vehicles of your Failure to Appear.

The Division of Motor Vehicles will mail a notice of suspension to your last known address letting you know that your license will be suspended if you fail to deal with the charge within 60 days of when the clerk marked your file with “Failure to Appear.” The DMV will then suspend your license until you get the underlying charge taken care of.  If you are caught driving with your license suspended, you will be charged with Driving While License Revoked.  When this happens, your problems become more complicated.

The Assistant District Attorney would probably be less willing to negotiate if you put off handling your traffic ticket, and get a DWLR charge.  It is in your best interests to deal with a ticket when it occurs, so that you do not have to worry about it haunting you for years to come. The point of this article is that you need to take a traffic ticket seriously and deal with it when it occurs.  Whether you hire a lawyer or try to handle it on your own, when your case is on the docket, don’t fail to take action.  A traffic ticket will not just go away, no matter how long you wait.  It will always be there, pending until it is dealt with.

In fact, you could be facing worse punishment if you get a DWLR.  If you choose to hire a lawyer, he or she can appear on your behalf for most traffic offenses.  On the other hand, if you represent yourself, then you should appear on your court date, and answer when the Assistant District Attorney calls your name.  You will then have to wait until the Assistant District Attorney calls your case to be heard.  When your name is called, you must be ready to discuss what you want to do with your case. As shown above, waiting to deal with your traffic ticket is not the best option.  However, what if you have an old ticket that you need to resolve?  Give us a call and we can help you get it resolved so that it is no longer “hanging over your head.”  We would be honored if you chose our firm to help you with it.


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